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We invite all alumni and friends to join our ever-growing global Yew Chung & Yew Wah Family.

After graduating from our school, you can now proudly call yourself alumni of Yew Chung/ Yew Wah. We strive to create the strongest network of resources to benefit YOU for life and we will extend your network beyond your own school!

As alumni, you will now be able to

  • - Receive and read about our latest alumni stories and new developments and special events around the globe.
  • - Attend local and global alumni events/ activities and connect with thousands of Yew Chung and Yew Wah alumni around the world.
  • - Provide suggestions, ideas and skills by joining the advisory board or committee or simply volunteer in our activities. There will be a big support for you to go on and continue the road from here.

Our Alumni

Once our students graduate from our school, they will continue study and embark on impressive careers. We are pleased to share with you stories from some of our recent alumni


Jackson Chow spent 11 memorable years at YCIS Shanghai, attending from kindergarten to high school, before going abroad for university. I realise that 12 members from my family are either alumni of Yew Chung or current students at Yew Chung! After all of these years, I consider Yew Chung part of my family.

From Shanghai to Seoul and now in Hong Kong, Ho Jun has settled in various cities. Through Ho Jun’s story, you will be able to know more about the field of finance and the experience of settling in different cities. He showed us with his very own experience on what it’s like to take new risk and what it takes to achieve our goals!

I studied at YCIS-HK for 13 years, enrolling at age two-and-a-half in Kindergarten and stayed until Form 5 (IGCSE completion), which was our highest grade level back then. Yew Chung, as my dear alma mater, will forever be a part of me, evoking deep emotions. My two sons are now also enrolled at YCIS-HK, in the Early Childhood section, so we are truly a Yew Chung Family.


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