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Lifelong Learning

YWIES upholds the philosophy of lifelong learning which helps students develop critical and creative thinking skills. Teachers arouse students’ interests in learning through carefully prepared themes and guide students how to obtain, filter, analyse and use related information based on their interests. Teachers also encourage students to explore, question and express own opinions accurately with relevant reference.

Chinese teachers and foreign teachers work closely to create opportunities of discussion, debate and speech for students to practise both Chinese and English, which is helpful for students to develop critical and creative thinking skills and the habit of thinking and lifelong learning. The development of habits in YWIES lays a solid foundation for their future.

  • Motivates Students to Learn, Explore and Experience

    Through interesting and well-planned programmes, YWIES motivates students to learn, explore and experience in a love of learning and stimulating setting.

  • To Promote a Love for Learning

    YWIES aims to instil a respect, love, and excitement for learning through enjoyable, developmentally appropriate experiences.

  • To Cultivate the Habit of Lifelong Learning

    One major goal of YWIES is to develop lifelong learners that will still be highly inquisitive long after their formative education has been completed.

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