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Students’ Artworks from YWIES Beijing

YWIES Beijing offers a well-structured art programme. When students enter a critical stage/grade, they are more proficient in using existing skills and techniques based on previous knowledge. At each critical stage/grade, there are four main focus areas: knowledge, application, understanding and evaluation. These elements are not only for cultivating creative thinkers, but also for preparing young contributors to the world. – Iestyn Shaw, Art and Design Teacher.

Observational soft pastel sketch by Koko, Grade 8.


Oil painting by Larry, Grade 8


Left – self-portrait lino print. Right – Self-portrait pen sketch by Simon, Grade 8


Bruce Gray inspired geometrical shape covered portrait by Olivia, Grade 2


Pointillism fruit sketch by Mandy, Grade 3


Symmetry exercise self-portrait by YouYou, Grade 8


Georgia O’Keeffe inspired abstract soft pastel piece by Evelyn, Grade 7


Multi-colour zebra mural by Koko, Grade 8


School-wide painted mural for the annual Founder’s Day celebration

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